Outbound Trian(for Tsukuba)

Inbound Train(for Akihabara)

Transfer Guide

Station Map/Facilities

Barrier-free compatible

Platform door
Station premises information board(Voice and Braille guidance)
Multipurpose toilets
Mobility scooter

Exit information

Exit A1 for Kotsu-hiroba square

  • Kotsu-hiroba square
  • Bus stop and taxi stand
  • Rokucho 2-chome
  • Nishikahei 2-chome
  • Hitotsuya Daiichi Park
  • Rokucho Museum Flora

Exit A2 for Rokucho 4-chome and Ayase River

  • Ayase River
  • Rokucho 2-chome
  • Minamihanahata 1- and 3-chome
  • Rokucho 1-chome
  • Bus stop

Exit A3 for Adachi Rokucho Post Office

  • Adachi Rokucho Post Office
  • Hozuka Residents’ Office
  • Adachi General Sports Center
  • Rokucho 3-chome
  • Minamihanahata 2-chome
  • Higashihokima 1-chome
  • Hozukacho

Station Area Map