174 Wakashiba, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba


Outbound Trian(for Tsukuba)

Inbound Train(for Akihabara)

Transfer Guide

Station Map/Facilities

Barrier-free compatible

Platform door
Station premises information board(Voice and Braille guidance)
Multipurpose toilets
Mobility scooter

Exit information

East Exit for National Route 16

  • National Route 16
  • Seibu Fire Station, Kashiwa City Fire Department
  • Kodan Kitakashiwa Life Town
  • General local wholesale market publicly established by Kashiwa City
  • Kashiwa-sansei industrial complex
  • Kashiwanoha-campus Police Box
  • Ekimae-hiroba square in front of East Exit of the station
  • Taxi stand and bus stop in front of East Exit

West Exit for Kashiwanoha Stadium

  • Kashiwanoha Stadium
  • Chiba University Kashiwanoha-campus
  • Kashiwanoha High School
  • Kashiwa School for Special Needs Education
  • Kashiwanoha Park housing complex
  • Kashiwa Training Center of College of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Kashiwanoha Park
  • Ministry of Finance Customs
  • Training Center
  • National Cancer Center Hospital East
  • Tokatsu Techno Plaza
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Kashiwa Campus
  • Sawayaka Chiba Prefectural Plaza
  • Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwanoha
  • Kashiwanoha Gate Square
  • Kashiwanoha Conference Center
  • Tsujinaka Hospital, Kashiwanoha
  • Ekimae-hiroba square in front of West Exit of the station
  • Taxi stand and bus stop in front of West Exit

Station Area Map