Useful information

Universal design

TX embraces the concept of universal design - easy to use, easy to access, easy to understand, easy for everyone. The following are some major features of TX's universal design.

Equipment in the station

Four-language displays
All TX displays are in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Station displays are color coded - navy blue for signs leading to platforms, yellow for signs leading to exits - so they can be recognized easily by all users.
Station numbers
All TX stations have a corresponding station number, from 01 for Akihabara to 20 for Tsukuba, so they can be understood easily by first-time users and even children.
Multipurpose toilets
TX restrooms are equipped with a diaper changing table, ostomate facilities, and more, so they are convenient for everyone.
Fantastically wide ticket gates
The automated ticket gates at our stations are wide enough to be friendly to any passenger, including those with large bags, wheelchair users, passengers with children, and passengers accompanied by guide dogs.
Considerate design of the ticket vending machines
Our ticket vending machines are set in consideration of the eye levels of wheelchair users and children so that they will find them easy to use. In addition, space is provided underneath the counter to ensure wheelchair users' ease of use.
Large-sized elevators
We have adopted large-sized elevators so that wheelchairs can smoothly enter and exit the carriage.
Step-free entrances
Our stations have entrances and exits without steps to free wheelchair users, passengers with baby strollers and visually impaired passengers from anxiety.
Distinct design of stairs
The edge of each step is painted in a distinct color so that passengers can easily go up and down stairs.
Passenger reception passageways beside information desks
The passageways are free of steps to provide easy access for wheelchair users, passengers with baby strollers and visually impaired passengers.
Information boards at user-friendly heights
Fare tables, notice boards, and other information is displayed in easily viewable positions.
Waiting rooms and waiting areas
Some station platforms have fully air-conditioned waiting rooms. In addition, waiting areas are provided near ticket gates at all stations.
Double handrails
Stairs are equipped with double handrails accessible to anyone.
At our aboveground stations, resin handrails have been introduced. They provide a soft, warm feel.
Benches with different heights
Two different types of benches that vary in height are installed. One type helps elderly people to stand up, and the other is accessible to children.

Train cars

Step-free doors
The gap between platform and train is minimized for easy access by passengers using wheelchairs.
Accessibility spaces
Accessibility spaces for wheelchairs and baby strollers are found in Cars Nos. 2 and 5 of the TX-1000 and -2000 Series trains and in every car of the TX-3000 Series trains.
Passenger information displays in the car
Just after the train departs from a station, the train type, destination, the next stop and other information is displayed. When the train nears the next stop, it displays the next stop, the side of the train on which doors will open, and information for transferring to other lines in Japanese and English. Some trains display information not only in Japanese and English, but also in Chinese and Korean.