Discount tickets


Where to use

Tsukubasan Arukippu is very convenient. One ticket allows you to take the Tsukuba Express, the Direct Tsukubasan Shuttle Bus and the Tsuku-Bus.
It is recommended for climbing to the top of Mt. Tsukuba.

  • *Tsukubasan Arukippu cannot be used to take the cable car or ropeway.
Where to buy Ticket vending machines (available from first train to 18:00) and information desks at each station on the Tsukuba Express Line, except Tsukuba Station
Term of validity Valid for two days, including the day of purchase
  • Valid for a round trip within the section between the station on the Tsukuba Express Line where the ticket was bought and Tsukuba Station.
  • The ticket is available on either the Direct Tsukubasan Shuttle Bus (between Tsukuba Center and Numata) or the Tsuku-Bus (Hokubu Shuttle). However, the ticket is only valid for one round trip using either of the above buses.
  • With the ticket, you can get on and off at any stop on the routes of the Direct Tsukubasan Shuttle Bus (between Numata and Tsutsujigaoka), the Tsukubasan Cable Car and the Tsukubasan Ropeway as many times as you like.
  • To take the Tsukuba Express Line, use an automatic ticket gate. To take a bus, cable car or ropeway, show the conductor your Tsukubasan Ticket.
  • If you went past the station where you intended to stop, you will be required to pay extra.
  • A refund can only be obtained at the station where the ticket was bought if the ticket remains unused and valid. (A refund requires a commission of 220 yen to be paid.) Once your ticket was started to be used, you may not obtain a refund.
  • *Ticket sales may stop due to reasons such as bad weather and traffic congestion.
  • *The bus route may be partly changed due to reasons such as traffic congestion.
Special offers

The day-use hot springs, shops and other facilities with this mark offer many special offers!


  • *Adult: 12 or older; child: 6 or older and younger than 12
Station name Adult (child)
Akihabara 3,360 yen (1,710 yen)
Shin-Okachimachi 3,290 yen (1,650 yen)
Asakusa 3,290 yen (1,650 yen)
Minami-Senju 3,210 yen (1,610 yen)
Kita-Senju 3,110 yen (1,570 yen)
Aoi 3,030 yen (1,530 yen)
Rokuchō 3,030 yen (1,530 yen)
Yashio 2,940 yen (1,490 yen)
Misato-chūō 2,760 yen (1,390 yen)
Minami-Nagareyama 2,760 yen (1,390 yen)
Station name Adult (child)
Nagareyama-centralpark 2,680 yen (1,360 yen)
Nagareyama-ōtakanomori 2,600 yen (1,300 yen)
Kashiwanoha-campus 2,510 yen (1,260 yen)
Kashiwa-Tanaka 2,410 yen (1,220 yen)
Moriya 2,250 yen (1,140 yen)
Miraidaira 2,070 yen (1,040 yen)
Midorino 1,940 yen (980 yen)
Bampaku-kinenkōen 1,800 yen (910 yen)
Kenkyū-gakuen 1,660 yen (830 yen)