How to Ride

Manners and Rules

The following are some general manners and rules to follow when traveling by train in Japan.

Priority seats

Each car has priority seats for elderly, disabled, or pregnant passengers, or passengers accompanying infants. When seated in a priority seat, please give up your seat to these passengers in need.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Women-only cars

Many railway operators in Tokyo adopt women-only cars. TX follows this example, and designates car no. 1 (toward Tsukuba) as women-only.
In addition to women, the car is available for elementary school students and younger children, and passengers with disabilities and their caregivers.
Look for the identifying pink sticker.

Service times

Time Direction Applicable
Car number
From the first train until 9:00 a.m. For Akihabara All stations The first car going toward Tsukuba Station (Car No.1)
From the train leaving Akihabara at 18:00 to the last train. For Tsukuba

Lining up

Please wait for your train in two neat lines.
When your train arrives, first let passengers off, and then board.

No littering

Many train stations in Japan have banned trash bins as an anti-terrorism measure. Please carry any trash home with you.

No smoking

Smoking is prohibited on trains and at train stations.

Mobile phones

Please refrain from talking on the phone while on the train.
Turn off your mobile phone near priority seats when the car is crowded.