Tsukuba Express

Route Map

TX comprises 20 stations between Akihabara (Tokyo) and Tsukuba (Ibaraki). It offers four types of service: Rapid, Commuter Rapid, Semi-Rapid, and Local. Rapid connects the terminals in as little as 45 minutes, and makes seven stops in between. Semi-Rapid makes the trip in about 52 minutes, with 14 stops in between. Local takes about 57 minutes and stops at every station. The Commuter Rapid service operates only during morning and evening rush hours. It makes 11 stops in between Akihabara(Tokyo) and Tsukuba(Ibaraki) in about 49 minutes.

Route map / travel times


* Travel times are standard for daytime trains departing Akihabara.
* Travel times may vary according to overtake and stop schedules.

Greater Tokyo Area route map

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