Tsukuba Express


TX FREE Wi-Fi is a free Wi-Fi service that is available to anyone at all stations on the Tsukuba Express (TX) line.

Service area for Tsukuba Express

All 20 stations

Availability designated by this sticker.

TX FREE Wi-Fi participates in Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi. Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi is an Android/iOS application for immediately searching approximately 160,000 access points at main airports, train stations, and tourist facilities throughout Japan, and then for easily connecting to free Wi-Fi upon entering access areas. For information on using Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi, please refer to the NTTBP homepage.

TX FREE Wi-Fi is connected to FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO provided by the Tokyo Metropolis. Users who have registered for FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO can easily use TX FREE Wi-Fi without the need for additional registration. For information on FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO, please refer to theTokyo Metropolitan Government homepage.