Tsukuba Express

Transferring Lines

TX Akihabara, Shin-Okachimachi, Minami-Senju, Kita-Senju, Minami-Nagareyama, Nagareyama-otakanomori, and Moriya are transfer stations to JR, subway, and other railway lines. The following is a guide to transferring lines at the major stations.

TX Akihabara to JR lines

TX Akihabara's exit A1 offers smooth access to JR Akihabara's central ticket gates.

JR Yamanote Line

Loop line connecting all the main districts of Tokyo

  • Trains running clockwise, from Akihabara toward Shinagawa, are called “sotomawari” (outer loop); those running counterclockwise, from Akihabara toward Ueno, are called “uchimawari” (inner loop). Keep this in mind to shorten the trip to your destination.

One-hour loop, 29 stations

  • Traveling the entire loop of the Yamanote Line takes about one hour. There are 29 stations in all. The line covers most major stations in Japan's capital, including Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Ueno.


TX to Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines

Two subway systems serve Tokyo: Tokyo Metro and the Toei Subway. Each has its own fares and ticketing system. For more information, please ask the station staff at either line.

TX Shin-Okachimachi to Toei Subway

TX Shin-Okachimachi is a transfer station to the Toei Oedo Line.

TX Kita-Senju to Tokyo Metro

TX Kita-Senju is a transfer station to Tokyo Metro's Chiyoda Line and Hibiya Line.


TX Akihabara is located near Tokyo Metro’s Akihabara Station and Toei Shinjuku Line's Iwamotocho Station.

TX Akihabara to airports

Haneda Airport

There are three main routes to Haneda Airport: 1) Transfer from the TX Line to the JR Line at Akihabara Station and go to the Hamamatsucho station. At Hamamatsucho station, board the Tokyo Monorail bound for the airport.2) You can also take the JR Line to Shinagawa Station, and then transfer to the Keikyu Line bound for the airport. Or 3) board a limousine bus bound for the airport at TX Akihabara Station (check the limousine bus timetable for departure times).

Narita Airport

There are two main routes to Narita Airport: 1) Transfer from the TX Line to the JR Line at Akihabara Station and go to Tokyo Station. At Tokyo Station, board the Narita Express bound for the airport. 2) You can also take the JR Line to Nippori Station, and then board the Keisei Skyliner bound for the airport. On either route, travel time is about 90 minutes.