Tsukuba Express

About TX

45 Minutes from Akihabara to Tsukuba - The Tsukuba Express, abbreviated TX, is an urban express railway. Trains cover the 58.3km between Akihabara, one of the world's largest electric towns, and Tsukuba, a hub of research and science in Japan, in just 45miniutes.

Overview of TX

Opening date August 24, 2005
Route details Akihabara - Tsukuba 58.3 km
Tunnels 16.3 km
Elevated track 25.5 km
Bridges 10.2 km
Others 6.3 km
Number of stations 20 stations from Akihabara to Tsukuba (8 below ground)
Maximum speed 130 km/h
Operating system One driver, no conductor (Automatic Train Operation system)
Power source Direct-current (DC) 1,500V (Akihabara – Moriya)
Alternating current (AC) 20,000 V (Moriya – Tsukuba)
Note: To avoid interfering with geomagnetism observatory.
Type of cars DC cars (TX-1000), DC-AC hybrid cars (TX-2000)
One train consists of six cars; TX operates a fleet of 37 trains.

Five reasons to choose TX

  • No railroad crossings / Grade- separated crossings are featured on all lines.
  • Safty through automated platform gates / Every station is equipped with automated platform gates to prevent passengers from falling on to the tracks.
  • Maxmum speed of 130 km/h / The fastest train connects Akihabara and Tsukuba in 45 minutes.
  • Comfortable train experience / Up to 18-km-long rails minimize vibration and improve comfort for passengers.
  • Onboard wireless LAN / TX offers wireless LAN Internet access from anywhere inside stations and on trains for the first time in Japan. *Connection speeds may vary.

Universal design

TX embraces the concept of universal design — easy to use, easy to access, easy to understand, easy for everyone. The following are some major features of TX’s universal design.

Equipment in the station

Four-language displays

All TX displays are in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Station displays are color coded — navy blue for signs leading to platforms, yellow for signs leading to exits — so they can be recognized easily by all users.

Station numbers

All TX stations have a corresponding station number, from 01 for Akihabara to 20 for Tsukuba, so they can be understood easily by first-time users and even children.

Multipurpose toilets

TX restrooms are equipped with a diaper changing table, ostomate facilities, and more, so they are convenient for everyone.

Audio and Braille signs

TX concourses and restroom entrances are fitted with audio and Braille signs. Ticket vending machines, stair handrails, and automated platform gates also have Braille signs.

Train cars

Step-free doors

The gap between platform and train is minimized for easy access by passengers using wheelchairs.

Wheelchair space

Cars no. 2 and 5 are installed with spaces to ensure security for passengers using wheelchairs.

In-car Braille signs

Car and door numbers are printed in Braille on each door, so that passengers with visual impairments can check their position on the train.


About TX